Jongseung Park 사진
Jongseung Park
Photo-Functional Materials
Associate Professor

"We conduct diverse research to develop high-performance photo-functional materials that are highly active in visible and infrared regions. Besides, we investigate their promising applicational properties for color filters, smart windows, photosensitizers, heat management, e-textiles, etc."


Research Field

. Dyes & pigments

. Phthalocyanines

. Electrochromics

. e-Textile

. Display materials



. 2005, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta USA), PhD, School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering (PTFE) Polymer Chemistry (Major); Chemistry (Minor)

. 1996, Seoul National University (Seoul Korea), MS, School of Engineering, Department of Fiber and Polymer Science

. 1994, Seoul National University (Seoul Korea), BS, School of Engineering, Department of Fiber and Polymer Science


Work Experience

. 2015 ~ present : Pusan National University, Department of Organic Materials Science and Engineering, Assistant/Associate Professor

. 2009 ~ 2015 : Dong-A University, Department of Organic Material and Polymer Engineering, Assistant/Associate Professor

. 2006 ~ 2009 : Samsung Cheil Industries, Display Materials Center, Principal Research Engineer

. 2005~ 2006 :Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Chemistry, Postdoctoral Fellow

. 2001 ~ 2005 : Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering, Graduate Research Assistant

. 1996 ~ 2001 : SK Chemicals, Central R&D Center, Research Engineer / Assistant Manager


Research Results



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